Loch Maree

By  Alexander Brownlie Docharty

Alexander Brownlie Docharty painted widely throughout the Highlands of Scotland. This large oil painting is a particularly arresting example of a view down Loch Maree from the west with the well known Munro Slioch rising to 3,218 feet on its northern shore. The scene is enlivened with a drovers’ camp and cattle in the foreground. The scene will be familiar to many as it is on the modern road to Gairloch.


  • Medium:                Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions:        18 x 30 inches
  • Price:                    £4,500

Alexander Brownlie Docharty 1862 – 1940

Alexander Docharty took up painting at the age of 20 after studying part time at Glasgow School of Art. His working life began as a calico designer much as George Houston’s career began in the design of patterns and art work for the linoleum industry.   Docharty later studied in Paris and made many trips across the continent often returning to Venice. He painted mainly in oils but was an accomplished watercolourist. His work is always well composed and he was particularly adept at portraying the colour in the landscape of Scotland even under dull and cloudy skies.